Customer Service Caribbean Vocational Qualification Course Level 2

The CVQ Level 2 in Customer Service is for individuals whose customer service or human relations role requires well developed behavioural competencies but whose scope for independent decision making and for bringing about change is unlimited.

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  • Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization
  • Deliver reliable customer service
  • Prepare to deal with your customers
  • Maintain a safe work environment for customers, staff and visitors
  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment
  • Give consistent service to customers
  • Develop customer relationships
  • Build customer confidence in the level of service provided
  • Meet the ongoing needs and expectations of your customers
  • Develop the relationship between your customers and your organization
  • Resolve customer service problems
  • Identify customer service problem
  • Select the best solution to resolve customer service problems
  • Implement the solution to customer service problems
  • Maintain personal health and hygiene
  • Carry out procedures in the event of a fire
  • Deal with the discovery of suspicious items/packages


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