• Accounting – NVQ Level 4

    This Accounting Level 4 qualification reflects Accounting job roles in Financial Services and other industries requiring accounting support functions. Preferred pathways for candidates entering this qualification include Level 3 in Accounting and in the following jobs such as Payroll Manager; Accounts Manager; Accounting Administrator; Financial Controller.
  • Accounts Clerk – NVQ Level 2

    The NVQ Level 2 in Accounting Clerk is for individuals whose role in the accounting field requires well developed behavioural competencies but whose scope for independent decision making and for bringing about change is unlimited.
  • House Keeping Supervision – NVQ Level 3

    The NVQ Level 3 House Keeping It is aimed at people who work in supervisory roles in the cleaning sector and who want an industry-specific qualification that recognizes and develops their knowledge and skills in the workplace. It is designed for learners who have worked in hospitality for some time and have some experience supervising others or managing resources. It will enable learners to develop their knowledge and skills, to progress their careers in the hospitality sector and perhaps to move into a management role within the hospitality sector.
  • Human Resource Management – NVQ Level 3

    The NVQ Human Resources Management Level 3 qualification is broadly aimed at Human Resources Managers, Officers, Administrators, Line Managers and Supervisors who are responsible for the work output of a team and who have the ability and the opportunity to demonstrate recognizable human resources, management and leadership skills, for example, persons who plan, direct, supervise and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labour relations and employee relations.
  • Management – NVQ-CVQ Level 4

    This NVQ-CVQ Management Level 4 is for those managers whose job role affords them personal responsibility and autonomy. It can be in any sector that involves management and leadership responsibilities. At Level 4, the learner can expect to be a middle manager and to hold a more central management role. They will have the ability and the opportunity within their job role to demonstrate a wide range of recognizable management and leadership skills and the management of business processes. This qualification may also suit individuals whose work is mainly related to managing projects or technical matters, as well as those who manage people.